Colored, ready to use acrylic plaster in paste form, available in various colors. It can be used to provide a smooth or rough surface. It exhibits excellent adherence, high elasticity and it does not crack. It is suitable for both interior and exterior use. It dries in approximately 12-24 hours, depending on the environment temperature.


It is Suitable for interior and exterior use, as the final coating in building façade insulation systems. It can be applied on all surfaces like plaster, cement, gypsum board, alpha block, etc. It is water resistant with extreme resistance to frost.


Clean the application surface and remove any dust, oil, loose parts, etc. On extremely smooth or non-absorbent surfaces, a suitable treatment must make the surface “rough” before the application. Then prime the surface using the same paste, diluted with ½ of its quantity in water, so that it can be applied with a paintbrush or roll. Once the primer has dried, after at least 2-3 hours, apply TEPOPLASTER after mixing it well using an electrical mixer at low rpm (approx. 300 rpm), while adding the desired color (if not already colored). Apply the paste using a trowel or a plaster blasting machine. After approximately 20 minutes, make the final smooth finishing using a plastic spatula. The time for the final finishing depends on the absorbency of the substrate and the ambient temperature. During the applications, the surface must be protected from rain.
Application temperature: From +5ο C to +30ο C
Cleaning: Tools and hands can be cleaned with water before they dry.
Density: Approx. 1,80 Kg/lt.


1,8 kg / mm / m2. Min. application thickness 1 mm


Container 20 Kg


Store in its original sealed container in areas protected from sun radiation and frost.

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