2-component brushable cement based mortar, reinforced with acrylic resins.


Suitable for rooftop waterproofing and external basement walls prior the embankment, balconies, bathrooms before applying ceramic tiles, etc. Exhibits excellent mechanical strength, strong adherence, elasticity and resistance to moisture. Does not chalk, not water soluble and has great resistance to UV radiation.
Resistant to friction, can be walked on and has a lifetime longer than 20 years. Ideal as a substrate for cement based adhesives for ceramic tiles, marbles, etc.


Clean the application surface and remove any dust or loose parts with water under pressure. In case of oil use a suitable detergent until the concrete appears healthy. Fill the holes and possible surface cracks with TEPOSTEK using a spatula, as well as joints with walls and columns.
Then prime the surface using TEPOSTEK adding 30%-40% waer in the mixing agent while stirring until it becomes easy to absorb by concrete.
After priming the surface, apply TEPOSTEK adding in Component A΄ the liquid resin (Component B΄) while stirring using a low rpm electric drill, until a homogenour lump free paste is created. TEPOSTEK is applied in crossed layers, using a brush or roller after each layer has sufficiently dried. In joints with vertical surfaces, after putting with TEPOSTEK, place a fiberglass mesh, like the one used in gypsum boards. The mixture should be stirred during application without adding more water. Mixture remains workable for 30-40 minutes, depending on weather conditions.
Application temperature: From +5o C to +30o C. Tools are cleaned with water before the material dries out.


Carton box 20 Kg
Component A: 15 kg (mortar)
Component B: 5 Kg (resin)


1 Kg / mm thickness / m2, a total of 3-4 layers are required, depending on the application.


Store in its original packaging in roofed areas, protected from moisture.

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