Artificial stone TEPOSTONE® is a flexible artificial mineral, ideal for wall cladding in interior and exterior spaces. It is produced in 5 designs: stone, tuffstone, combed marble, schist stone and granite. It is produced from natural mineral materials and is friendly towards the environment. The TEPOSTONE artificial stone is a 100% Greek Product and is a globally patented product. TEPOSTONE® artificial stone is ideal to insulate against moisture while decorating the surface. It exhibits excellent tolerance to frost and high temperatures, it is tolerant to sea moisture and is non-flammable. It offers great savings, has low cost and long lifetime, without the need of maintenance. It is easy, fast and clean to install.


TEPOSTONE® artificial stone is ideal for every interior and exterior surface. It can be applied even in tall buildings, due to its minimal weight and thickness. They can be installed in suitably prepared surfaces made of concrete, plaster, gypsum boards, steel, wood and glass.


Clean the application surface from any foreign materials. In case of loose parts or paint residues, remove thoroughly before the application. Prime the surface using a brush and the two-component primer, mixing components A+B at a 1:1 ratio (volume). Then spread the adhesive evenly on the surface and the artificial stone TEPOSTONE®, using a toothed spatula. Use spacers and place the stone by applying enough pressure until the adhesive overflows the joints. After 20-30 minutes, remove the spacers. Apply evenly the adhesive on the grout and remove any excessive material. Clean the rocks carefully (not the grout) from any adhesive residues or foreign matter, before the adhesive dries out, using a wet sponge.


Carton box 5m2


Store in its sealed original container, in roofed areas.